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We provide the best dental insurance solutions available today!

Smile 365 stands apart from other providers of dental insurance plans by offering a wide variety of dental solutions. Our plans meet today’s need for comprehensive coverage at very affordable prices. Smile 365 Dental gives you a choice of price points to provide coverage for virtually any type of need. All Smile 365 plans give you the basic services that you would expect… as well as some additional services not offered by other dental insurance plans. 

We set out to create the best dental insurance available, and we believe we have achieved exactly that. The reviews are coming in and our clients are pleased! 

Dental Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. This is real insurance, not a discount card for services that may or may not be acceptable to your dentist. The Smile 365 Dental network has over 673,000 points of contact across the United States. You would be hard pressed to find a dentist in your area that will not participate. You can check for your dentist HERE.

Below you will find out the specifics of the Smile 365 Dental plan:

What's Included In The Smile 365 Dental Plans

Note: Each plan includes Preventative (Type 1), Basic (Type 2), and Major (Type 3) services.

Plans Available in 16 States:


Type 1 - COVERAGE 100%

Includes: exams, cleanings, bitewing x-rays, fluoride treatments


Type 2 - COVERAGE 80%

Includes: fillings, full mouth x-rays, restorative amalgams & composites, simple extractions & sealants


Type 3 - COVERAGE 50%

Includes: oral surgery, endodontics, all periodontics, dentures, crowns, bridges, complex extractions, anesthesia, onlays & implants. 12 month wait time for type 3 services. Waiting period can be waived under certain circumstances


Plans are available with:

$1,500 - Max Benefit $3,000 - Max Benefit $5,000 - Max Benefit Per Person!

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Our Pricing Plans*


Max BenefiT

  • Ages 18 - 120
  • Member $53 per Month*
  • Member Plus Spouse $99 per Month*
  • Member Plus Children $106 per Month*
  • Family $153 per Month


Max benefit

  • Ages 18 - 120
  • Member $59 per Month*
  • Member Plus Spouse $109 per Month*
  • Member Plus Children $120 per Month*
  • Family $163 per Month


Max benefit

  • Ages 18 - 120
  • Member $69 per Month*
  • Member Plus Spouse $124 per Month*
  • Member Plus Children $135 per Month*
  • Family $189 per Month

*Includes $2 Association fee

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About Us

Smile 365 Dental and Vision insurance is one of the products promoted by 365 Marketing LLC, a Texas Corporation. Combined, the founders of 365 Marketing have been in the insurance industry for well over 60 years. That experience works in your favor, as we design our products to be comprehensive, understandable, and most importantly: affordable. We offer flat pricing on all our plans, meaning that no matter where you live, your age or your health, everyone pays the same rate for the plan they choose. Thank you for choosing our plan; we are confident that you’ll be pleased with your decision.

What People Have To Say

The best thing I’ve done for myself this year! I recommend Smile 365 to everyone I know!

Edwina K.

67 years old

The plan is more affordable than what I had, pays out more to my dentist, and I could get my broken tooth fixed right away!

Thomas R.

71 years old

I am so glad we found Smile 365 Dental, Now I have peace of mind for my growing family.

Alex L.

39 years old

I didn’t think I could afford dental insurance. What a great surprise! I recommend everyone to learn more about Smile 365 Dental!

Robert L.

49 years old

The plan we had before didn’t cover either thing… Smile 365 does and is saving us THOUSANDS of dollars! Thank you, Bright Idea!

Ryan. G

51 years old

My dentist recommended Smile 365 Dental to me. I’m so happy he did, they have the best plans for me and my family! Thank you!

Lisa D.

58 years old

Optional Vision Plan

Affordable vision insurance coverage.
No waiting periods. Guaranteed issue. No age or regional pricing schedule. Coverage includes frames, lenses, contact lens, eye exams, and more.
Smile 365 Vision as a complement to our outstanding Dental coverage and provides the services you would expect in a vision plan at an affordable price. click the enroll now button for more information.
Dente Max
Plus Network

Enrollment Instructions

Are you ready to enroll?

It’s really quite simple. The link below that says START HERE, will take you to our enrollment portal. On this page is everything you need to obtain your dental insurance policy.

The page has the information we have provided here on dental Insurance for You. Remember that all dental policies are the same in the benefits they provide. They each include Preventative, Basic and Major services.

The difference is your choice of maximum benefit pay outs. Those tiers are $1,500 maximum benefit, $3,000 Maximum benefit and $5,000 maximum benefit, per person. These dental and vision plans are only available (for now; we’re working on it) in the states of AZ, DC, DE, FL, GA, HI, IN, KS, MS, MO, ND, SD, TN, TX, UT, WI.

On this portal page you scroll down to the enroll section. There are three Dental areas to choose from and three more if you want to add the vision policy. Each Dental box represents one of the three different maximum benefit plans. When you click on the add to cart button at the bottom of the box. That takes you to a page where you can choose from 4 possibilities. 

A single member policy, a member and spouse policy, a member and children policy and a family policy.

The prices are all listed.Each benefit tier ($1,500, $3,000 and $5,000) all have the same selections for each option. Once you select the right plan for you, then you just click the checkout button. From there it takes you to the checkout area and payment processing.

The site is secure in the way it collects all of your information so no worries there. If you still have questions you can use the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you quickly with answers or to help you get enrolled. You may also enroll by phone if you choose. If you are ready to enroll yourself using the portal click the Start here link below

Adding the Vision plan is easy. You click on the link at the bottom of the preferred combination Dental/Vision plan box and enroll!.

*The waiting period for Type 3 Services can be waived if you are switching from another dental insurance plan that is considered 'credible coverage' to the Smile 365 plan.


  • Preventive Services
  • Basic Services
  • Major Services
  • Benefit Tiers

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